It seems as though i found my way back to the blogging universe. Hasn’t been that long i suppose, I’ve had longer “off” stints. Can’t promise i won’t leave again, besides who am i even promising to, even if someone is reading i owe nothing to noone, except myself. Selfish hey? yeah i know.

Anyway just been wondering. When is it going to be my turn, when will i make a billion, yes you read that right, a billion. What can i say, i’m highly ambitious, but only in a materialistic sense. See i understand that money isn’t everything, money is not on its own a God or a pure motivator. Humans give it its value. But that’s besides the point, he who controls money controls the world. I guess you could say i’m power hungry.

I have an unquenchable thirst for power, maybe it is because i have very little international power or influence. I guess you could say i’m a nobody. That doesn’t set me off. We all have to start from somewhere, just my “start” seems to be going on for a very long time.

I know all odds are against me, but i don’t know, maybe i’m naive, but i just believe in myself. Ofcourse i doubt myself every now and again, but isn’t that healthy. Is it not healthy and realistic to doubt yourself every now and again. it keeps the blood boiling after all, it makes you re evaluate yourself and your plans. It makes you take note of key weaknesses in your character and your plans.

So what are plans, well, that’s a topic for another day. In actual fact to be perfectly honest the dream is not making a billion, i understand that you can’t put a figure on ambition. The dream is to be the absolute best i can bee all fields, to create a legacy that will last for generations. I want my kids, if i ever have any to feel like Gods on this planet. To have everything and every opportunity at their disposal. I understand that i may never be a conqueror, a Napoleon of sorts, i can try my best, but i understand that i was not raised to be one. I have my limitations.

I try and pass those limitations, but like i said. I am a bit of a realist. The best i can do is pave the way for future conquerors, future capitalist moguls who will take this world by storm and reshape it.

Anyway what else can we talk about Mr internet. I see you as an ally in most field, i value the information you possess and you give me…Jeez i have to say this is probably the most disorganized of my posts, i guess that’s my cue to leave

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The day i lost my innocence

I’m back, bet you thought i was gone for good, that is assuming you read my blog. Well i’m not. I’m back with the raging fury of a thousand pregnant women on menopause. I’m raging, i’m angry, i’m so pissed i’m ready to bite though my monitor so i see its insides and once i’m inside i’ll bite the cable so that my teeth get electrified sending my mind into a state of frenzy.

I’m not a big fan of punctuation, i see it as rather unnecessary. It’s a waste of time. if you’re smart enough you’d have noticed that i used more punctuation in the last sentence than i normally do. It’s called sarcasm, if you didn’t catch on then you’re slow. yeah i know i’m supposed to be friendly to my readers and blah blah blah but fuck it, its honesty and i believe in honesty…when it suits me. If you corner me to lie don’t expect me to tell the truth, that wouldn’t make sense..i’ll tell you what you want to hear if it helps me. I like the anonymity of blogging because it allows me to channel my thoughts. My true insanity comes out in my works.

Used to matter to me that noone actually reads this blog but now i kinda enjoy that, its like writing a journal. one day when the Mayan’s dumb prediction comes true and computers take over, a child computer, his name will be 0100, will read this blog and be like wow, is this what humanity was all about. Imagine my blogs are the only remaining literature. This will be their history, i’ll be the great king/queen flux.

Note i didn’t say king/queen cause i’m a shemale. I don’t have two organs, i have three, i am martian, but i’m not from Mars. I was adopted in Mars then sent to Earth in the year 0. I have lived so long i don’t know how old i am,but one thing is certain i am older than this blog

Anyway to the crux of the money, lol, i love the way i get side tricked like i have A.D.D. You know i’ve never used lol in a blog now i’ve used it twice. That’s a first, or rather a second. Bet 0100’s probably asking wtf lol is. Yeah kid you’ll never know. As i was saying. The day i lost my innocence.

It was a day like no other, the sun was shining, birds were chirping. Actually it was just another fucking ordinary day. Then just like that my innocence was gone. Crazy story right. I had to summarize it, get to the point quick. They say its all about introduction, intrigue and delivery. I nailed it. Yeah real good, you have no idea, i ran outta nails to nail it. The wall was filled with holes, everywhere. It wasn’t magical, but it was like nails and walls.

I didn’t lose it in the traditional sense. I didn’t anticipate losing it, actually fuck my innocence,to be honest i barely remember most of the details, either that or i’m stalling, i’m lying trying to fool you. I’m trying to entice you because that’s what i do. I’m a master of writing a load of crap. You know i was thought that i could earn from blogging but after reading my blogs, especially this one i kinda needed to get realistic. It’s fun for me (not really fun, its just something i do when i’m bored), but it must be impossible to follow. Unless you are in tune with me chances are you won’t really read this far, or even half way. So basically i don’t expect to have much of a following. I’d be happy with one or two, ecstatic with more. over ten and i’d be having an orgasm.

Speaking of orgasms, i’m not sure if losing your innocence means losing your virginity anymore. I’ve met virgins who were more fucked up than most people. because when you think about it there’s different types of virgins. Someone could regard themselves as a virgin when they’ve actually had sex but not in the traditional way. Anyway i don’t care. I don’t value virginity much. It’s not a virtue, neither does it make you lame, its just virginity. It’s just sex. The problem is society nowadays attaches to much weight on sex and nudity. I don’t see the big deal. Its just a fucking body. Excuse the pun for you dirty minded pervs. But anyways that’s just my thoughts.

For me the day i lost my virginity, was the day i learnt not to be too naive.

Till the next time, stay strong, stay free, stay good.



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New life

Hie everyone, I wont ask how you are doing cause in all honesty I don’t care. It’s rather a formality, no one really cares what the answer to the question is, they just ask it to try and sound polite. Small talk, just a bunch of bullshit really. To be honest I’ve had it with being a good honest kind person. People are shit and deserve to be treated like shit unless they prove otherwise. There’s a presumption that you are shit unless you show you are worth more than a pile of dog shit. Being friendly does nothing, it doesn’t help you at all, infact quite the opposite, those fuckers just end up using you, like a tool, with a smile on their faces and they have the audacity to pretend to be your friends

But that’s just the world we live in and the shit that I feel, enough of this rambling, enough whining. Too many people do that already. I have a new philosophy, use people. I want to use people sometimes, I know it’s wrong, but is it really wrong. Like the other day I was having a conversation with someone, do you regard a serial killer as a bad person? Would you define someone as a bad person on the basis of their bad choices, or continuous bad behaviour? It’s a hard question to answer cause first you’d have to determine what good and bad is. We’ll take murder for example, we’ll assume that it’s a universally accepted notion that killing is bad, which isn’t always true, but for this example we’ll just assume it is.

My point in the argument was that there is no such thing as a good person or a bad person, we are all the same, some people just have the habit of constantly making bad choices and I’m using the word habit loosely. Bad decisions are just a symptom of a bigger problem which lies most of the time within society.

Anyway like I was saying I want to use people to get ahead because that seems to me like the most practical way to be a success in life. I think it’s a good thing, for me that is, as long as the people don’t know they are being used. But then again what about honesty right? Isn’t loyalty built on honesty? True but I only owe such a duty to close friends and family to the rest I owe nothing..
Anyway enough for a day

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If god made humans who made god?

If god made humans who made god? I’ve always wondered. Yeah I know, not another religious post. But this week it’s all thats been on my mind, religion and money. Intact those two are one in the same because money is a religion. But anyway. That’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Satan, yeah you read me, satan, and satanism. I don’t get why all these other religions get mainstream recognition and satanism doesn’t. Peeve heard the arguments about them killing virgins and babies, but that’s based on ignorance and idiocy. Heck I’m not even religious and I know that they don’t do that. Because if they did, firstly they’d be in jail, secondly who the fuck would wanna join aap religion that could potentially get you imprisoned. Forget about that, who would want to join a religion that kills other people. Killing someone is a very hard thing to do and it traumatizes you, ask anyone whose been to war.

Anyway from what I’ve read satanism is just atheism with a rule book. Don’t turn your other cheek, love only those who love you, etc. forget that satanism or rather labelled atheism for a second. Let’s pretend that a god does exist, I’m not saying he does or he doesn’t, particularly the judo christian god, hasn’t he killed me people and committed more “sins” than the biblical Satan. So I’m confused, exactly who is the evil one. Cause from where I am lying, satan just looks like the kid who got picked on then thrown out school for trying to stand up for himself. But ofcourse if you believe in Judeo Christianity then it would make more sense to side with god, because even though he kills, he’s stronger, better side with the stronger one than the one whose destined to lose, you can pity him, but fuck it, why would you wanna go down with him, don’t they say each man for himself. I don’t know, that’s just what I think, but thankfully it is highly unlikely that either of these beings/spirits or whatever you refer to them do not exist, well maybe they do, but then again whatever.

Back to reality, what if humans made god, what if we created the idea of god which became so powerful that it took over our lives, ie we created a god that influenced our entirety the same way money, taxes and banks influence us. So many what ifs, what if we are gods? I don’t see myself as a god, well mostly because I’m not a megalomaniac, and I don’t wanna tempt fate, that is assuming fate is a being that has autonomy over its own actions and can hear words that I am writing. Yes, I wrote hear. Maybe fate is so powerful that the words I type are instantaneously become spoken words. She reads music and listens to books. And why the fuck is fate always a she, I know there’s women’s rights and all but does every fucking thing have to be a she so we are equal. Should men start adopting women’s names so we become equal. We can call it name empowering. Women’s names have been undermined for an eternity now it’s time their names get empowerment. We’ll start by calling chuck Norris Chanel noir. Barack Obama becomes belinda olive. Then we’ll call Arnold schwarzenegger Annabelle schwaz. Next is the voices, deep pitch voices should be replaced with extremely high pitches. We’ll all sound gay, and we’ll have gay names. Well you guys will I won’t, because I will refuse. I shall be known across the world as the anomaly who refused to bide to the rules of society. I’ll be an outcast, forever marching alone, with a bandana on my head and a flamethrower tied to my back. I’ll be an anarchist the type who burns tyres to start a fire. I’ll start a fire by first burning the tyres waiting for them to burn then throwing paraffin and fuel and waste the precious little resources this god damn planet has. Take that global warming, I wish someone could expedite this global warming shit.

I want to get to a point where there is no winter, every single fucking day is spring. I’ll be wearing tank tops all night and walking shirtless all day. It will be the life. No more fucking snowman to terrorize us in winter. Too bad global warming just a fucking joke

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Money is greater than god

Been a while since I wrote anything, Guess you could say I’m back. Not sure for how long, but that really doesn’t matter. I wonder how rusty I’ve got but then again I wasn’t really much of a pro, could be that I’m underselling myself, kind of funny cause this feels like a song.

Seriously it’s like I’m singing this stuff. Its probably because I want to get this point out, while its stil, kind of fresh in my mind, so let me skip the long intro’s then and get back to the subject at hand.

Money is greater than any god I know, because with money all my dreams come true. They say you can’t live without faith or god, well last time I checked there were millions of not billions of people living without faith or god. But how many people live without money. Money is a god on its own, it’s the god of this world. It is omnipresent, sad thing is we created it, we created something so powerful that it has taken over our lives and enslaved us. There’s no going back anymore, there’s no reverting back to the primitive state when money did not exist, we need a common currency and as long as that need exists money will continue to become more powerful than ever.

This is our reality now. The religious claim to devout to their god, hogwash most are devout the god of the world. This angelic demon is their god too, their churches, their synagogues, their mosques, or whatever building they choose to worship in, was built on money. Their very mode if communicating and worshiping their god was built on money. Unless of course they worship under a tree, which would defeat my argument. But fact is money is the end of all thoughts in this world. Every thought begins with an idea, a spark of creativity and ends with money.

Happiness can only be attained if you have money to sustain your livelihood, you cannot be happy if you can’t buy food, pay your bills, pay for accommodation, buy clothes in winter
and send you kids to school. Come on, find me something, find a flaw in my argument, find a mistake I dare you, intact I implore you. You can’t because money is god and were all slaves to that bitch. As much as I hate her I also love her. I need her and whenever I be t her I want more. She’s more addictive than any drug and sexier than any human. She is the lust within me that consumes me like a fire burning through paper. I’m weak when I see her, weakened by love, lust, greed and envy.

Like I said I hate it, but I can’t deny her power neither can you, if you look deep inside you will agree, if not you are a liar of you are the one percent who doesn’t care about money, to those I say congratulations, you are the glimmer of hope. Only you can save the world. But chances are you don’t have the power to save the world because you don’t have enough money and influence to

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The greatest deception

Hello there dear world, well not the world in it’s entirety cause that would be pretty fucked up (damn spell check). There hundreds of languages and most people wouldn’t know what the fuck I was trying to say, imagine someone fucking greeting you in Yiddish, chances are you’d have no fucking idea how to respond to that. Most people would just smile and pretend to understand

Don’t you hate that though when people give you that stupid toothpick smile (toothpick cause it’s thin and shallow) when they didn’t understand a word you just said or those people who smilebat everything you say, every single god damn thing, makes me feel like a prostitute, like the person’s giving me dirty looks cause they wanna have sex. Yes it’s weird I know, but if you’ve read my other posts I’m pretty sure that by now you’ve figured out that I am kinda weird, very weird. But that’s besides the point

Before I forget I also wanted to take this opportunity, seeing as this post is going nowhere and I don’t really have much to say, to talk about swearing and how people believe swearing is only for uneducated people, who do not have an adequate grasp of the English vocabulary. Well I say fuck that, first of all swearing is part of the English language, it’s in the fucking dictionary for christ’s sake what mire do you want really.

Secondly swearing shows that you are not fucking inhibited, at least not in your use of language, by archaic societal rules and fucking norms that seek to cultivate us into one huge, lifeless machine. They want to kill all our individualism and imagination. I mean even look around you. I know this has very little to do with swearing, but look how everyone literally behaves the same. By everyone I don’t mean every single fucking person, if you thought that then sorry to say it but you are retarded. I mean generally, it’s like people are programmer by some programmer, like mark zuckeberg to all act in the same way. I know this sounds really really insane, but evidence presented to me by an unknown but somewhat credible source, whose name cannot be mentioned (cause he’s fuckin unknown) that facebook is actually a mind control device. Apparently there are chips in our minds that are activated by us logging into facebook. To make matters worse, apple is also in it. The iPhone is actually a greek and Aramaic word for remote control, Thingy that looks like a phone. Each time you turn on your iPhone, your brain syncs with apple mind control database called iTunes, and from there that machines is relayed to the Mac center, where Chinese workers then categories that information manually.

Yes it’s manual, they take the information out of the machines and manually organize it, don’t ask how, only th CIA and NASA knows, maybe the illuminati too. Did you notice, how I just broke my paragraph off in the middle of the point that I was making? Don’t answer that, you can’t anyway. I hate it when people write rhetoric questions in blogs and books, exactly why do would anyone do something that retarded (I just did, twice, so I guess I should ask myself, but then that would also be asking myself a question for the third time, and that would make me three times more retarded, or the second time would cancel the first time, and only the third time would count)

To be honest I like these random posts which I don’t plan for,I just write without thinking, it kind of frees my mind, I guess there’s always a lot on my mind which I don’t really get the opportunity to say, I doubt anyone would be that interested (this is me feeling sorry for myself, its very retarded)

Anyway I have to go now, not that I’ve run out of things to say, I just don’t feel like typing anymore, actually i don’t mind typing some more, im not really in a rush either, but i really do not feel like writing a fucking book, later

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God hates gays

Hie there reader, thought i would take this time to tell you how much i appreciate your readership. Well not in a gay way or anything (assuming of-course that you are male, which you might not be, seeing as i’m not fucking clairvoyant,i can’t be expected to know these things) I’ll assume you are male,cause i’m a fucking sexist and you’ll assume i’m male because of my assumption and because i’m crude and swear quite a bit. One of us could be wrong, both of us could be right, but who gives a fuck. Actually to be frank, i don’t really care what gender you are, for all i know you could be a transvestite ninja from pluto, i could really care less as long as you continue to read my blog and tell your friends about it (cause i’m an attention whore, i even take pictures of myself doing the duckface, yes i am also that retarded)


Anyways today i want to write about God and gays (for once i actually told you what i want to write about). God hates gays, that’s a fact,of course that is if God exists and if that God happens to be christian. So rather i say Christian God, who may or may not exist hates gays. I’ve never understood how someone could be gay and then be christian, that’s the dumbest shit ever, almost as dumb as a feminist christian. That’s so fucking contradictory, next you’ll tell me a lion can be a vegetarian. Let me explain, the bible clearly states that God hates gays, so if you did happen to be gay and also prescribed to the christian religion that would compromise your standing with God, unless you somehow manage to change your nature you would be bound to go to hell. The same applies for the feminist, Christian God implies that women are not as important as men, and that they should basically be led by men, therefore feminism is anti-christian and that would make you the anti-christ


But, fuck gays and feminists, i’m not homophobic or sexist, or anything, nor do i feel the need to apologize or candy coat my words, i just don’t care much about either.It’s their lives really and if they want to go to hell (that’s if hell exists) good for them. It’s not really my place to tell people how to live their lives, considering the fact that i have my own lives to live.Note the use of the word “lives” yes, you guessed it captain obvious, i have more than one life. I have 18, i am like jackie chan in those karate movies, or chuck norris.I dodge bullets and run on walls.I defy gravity,much like spiderman,swinging from his web,only without the red gay costumes. I don’t wear costumes, this isn’t cosplay, neither is it Halloween.Infact i have never celebrated Halloween. Where i’m from if you went trick or treating you would most likely end up in a ditch somewhere. Girls trick or treat though, quite a lot, even when it’s not Halloween, they get a lot of treats, but they also get pregnant. So all in all i really am not a big fan of the whole concept. Knocking door to door, like a sales person asking for free food sounds cool on paper, but in practice it just doesn’t work. Trust me,i know

One time i went knocking door to door, looking for free stuff and ended up in prison. Apparently i knocked on the wrong door, well actually i knocked for a while, didn’t hear a thing, figured the person who lived there didn’t hear me, so i kind of  broke in. Well atleast that’s what the cops told me. Jeez you should have heard how loud the bitch screamed, crazy bitch, all i was doing was trick or treating.

Anyways hope i entertained you with my not so funny, very lame stories (if i didn’t entertain you then fuck you) see you when i see you, i’m hungry so, i’m going to go knocking on people’s doors so i can trick or treat for bread

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