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la maison des hiboux/ The house of owls

The owl does not speak, the owl sees. The owl has the power of foresight, the third eye, the power to see beyond the surface. The owl is not blinded by ignorance or conceit, because the owl has a deeper … Continue reading

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Foresight and the past

Given the chance to do it all again, i’d change a lot. Foresight is a perfect science after all, as they say. I don’t know who they are, but apparently they are experts and we should listen to what they … Continue reading

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More sex less love, more protection less disease and kids

I don’t believe in love, none of it. I just don’t see the practicality of it all. Truth is i would rather have her cake than her heart. Tis not that i care not for her, its just that i … Continue reading

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It seems as though i found my way back to the blogging universe. Hasn’t been that long i suppose, I’ve had longer “off” stints. Can’t promise i won’t leave again, besides who am i even promising to, even if someone … Continue reading

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The day i lost my innocence

I’m back, bet you thought i was gone for good, that is assuming you read my blog. Well i’m not. I’m back with the raging fury of a thousand pregnant women on menopause. I’m raging, i’m angry, i’m so pissed … Continue reading

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New life

Hie everyone, I wont ask how you are doing cause in all honesty I don’t care. It’s rather a formality, no one really cares what the answer to the question is, they just ask it to try and sound polite. … Continue reading

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