Seeing beyond politics

Many are educated but few are enlightened, few see behind the veil of lies that has been manufactured to blind us from reality. Its like some pseudo- reality, some propaganda ridden information has been literally thrown up on us so many times that we do not see the fact that the truth is often inbetween all the conflicting stories.

I am a ZImbabwean and tomorrow we go into election to elect a president. I’m finding it harder and harder to have any political allegiance because i see the lies from both sides. I am not blinded by emotion, i am just disillusioned.

I find myself more and more sympathetic, okay maybe that’s too strong a word, but rather, i understand Mugabe’s action. I understand his intelligence in being able to keep power for so long. Well maybe its because he is an astute reader of Machiavelli’s work (or so i read) which is a book i enjoy myself (The Prince). I guess that’s when it all began, that’s when i became more interested in him as a person, was he trully the demon the world painted him out to be? Or was he just a man, trying his best in a situation that was already programmed against him?

I’m not saying the man is a saint, far from it, but a lot of his policies actually make sense. He seems to be motivated by the desire to empower Zimbabweans economically, literally handing over the mechanisms of productions to the people (in theory). The way it was done, was unjust, that much i concede, but without being racial (which is where it all went wrong i guess) , it was a very noble idea.

No longer would we simply be mere spectators in the running of our own economy, finally we would have the means to grow our own economy, to control our destinies and to create legacies of wealth for future generations. Unfortunately things haven’t turned out that way, but as the age-old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Besides, there is a ray of hope in the sense that farming produce seems to be picking up (i read that we are up to 40% of our optimal tobacco production)

It’s rather ironic because i view myself essentially as an apolitical person, i believe this allows me to view things from an entirely objective unbias perspective. People argue that Mugabe and his “croonies” literally killed Zimbabwe’s economy, with “poor policies” that “chased away” foreign investments. That is not entirely true. What about the effects of ZDERA and the stand by agreement. I am no economic guru, but didn’t this treaty literally bar the Zimbabwean Government from acquiring loans from the I.M.F and other International money lending mechanisms. Meaning the country had little access to money that could have been used to grow the Zimbabwean economy. Even the U.S.A needs such loans. What do you think would happen to a third world country.

I think these Acts were eventually repealed, but anyway, don’t take this as support for any political party, like i said i am apolitical I also see the good in MDC, the possibility of change is a politically romantic and relieving idea. Change is necessary, it is part of progression, but they too have several flaws. Anyway, does i guess all that matters is how we can exploit whichever situation prevails to our advantage, like the title says, i guess it is time to see beyond politics. Till then….later


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