Money is greater than god

Been a while since I wrote anything, Guess you could say I’m back. Not sure for how long, but that really doesn’t matter. I wonder how rusty I’ve got but then again I wasn’t really much of a pro, could be that I’m underselling myself, kind of funny cause this feels like a song.

Seriously it’s like I’m singing this stuff. Its probably because I want to get this point out, while its stil, kind of fresh in my mind, so let me skip the long intro’s then and get back to the subject at hand.

Money is greater than any god I know, because with money all my dreams come true. They say you can’t live without faith or god, well last time I checked there were millions of not billions of people living without faith or god. But how many people live without money. Money is a god on its own, it’s the god of this world. It is omnipresent, sad thing is we created it, we created something so powerful that it has taken over our lives and enslaved us. There’s no going back anymore, there’s no reverting back to the primitive state when money did not exist, we need a common currency and as long as that need exists money will continue to become more powerful than ever.

This is our reality now. The religious claim to devout to their god, hogwash most are devout the god of the world. This angelic demon is their god too, their churches, their synagogues, their mosques, or whatever building they choose to worship in, was built on money. Their very mode if communicating and worshiping their god was built on money. Unless of course they worship under a tree, which would defeat my argument. But fact is money is the end of all thoughts in this world. Every thought begins with an idea, a spark of creativity and ends with money.

Happiness can only be attained if you have money to sustain your livelihood, you cannot be happy if you can’t buy food, pay your bills, pay for accommodation, buy clothes in winter
and send you kids to school. Come on, find me something, find a flaw in my argument, find a mistake I dare you, intact I implore you. You can’t because money is god and were all slaves to that bitch. As much as I hate her I also love her. I need her and whenever I be t her I want more. She’s more addictive than any drug and sexier than any human. She is the lust within me that consumes me like a fire burning through paper. I’m weak when I see her, weakened by love, lust, greed and envy.

Like I said I hate it, but I can’t deny her power neither can you, if you look deep inside you will agree, if not you are a liar of you are the one percent who doesn’t care about money, to those I say congratulations, you are the glimmer of hope. Only you can save the world. But chances are you don’t have the power to save the world because you don’t have enough money and influence to


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Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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