God hates gays

Hie there reader, thought i would take this time to tell you how much i appreciate your readership. Well not in a gay way or anything (assuming of-course that you are male, which you might not be, seeing as i’m not fucking clairvoyant,i can’t be expected to know these things) I’ll assume you are male,cause i’m a fucking sexist and you’ll assume i’m male because of my assumption and because i’m crude and swear quite a bit. One of us could be wrong, both of us could be right, but who gives a fuck. Actually to be frank, i don’t really care what gender you are, for all i know you could be a transvestite ninja from pluto, i could really care less as long as you continue to read my blog and tell your friends about it (cause i’m an attention whore, i even take pictures of myself doing the duckface, yes i am also that retarded)


Anyways today i want to write about God and gays (for once i actually told you what i want to write about). God hates gays, that’s a fact,of course that is if God exists and if that God happens to be christian. So rather i say Christian God, who may or may not exist hates gays. I’ve never understood how someone could be gay and then be christian, that’s the dumbest shit ever, almost as dumb as a feminist christian. That’s so fucking contradictory, next you’ll tell me a lion can be a vegetarian. Let me explain, the bible clearly states that God hates gays, so if you did happen to be gay and also prescribed to the christian religion that would compromise your standing with God, unless you somehow manage to change your nature you would be bound to go to hell. The same applies for the feminist, Christian God implies that women are not as important as men, and that they should basically be led by men, therefore feminism is anti-christian and that would make you the anti-christ


But, fuck gays and feminists, i’m not homophobic or sexist, or anything, nor do i feel the need to apologize or candy coat my words, i just don’t care much about either.It’s their lives really and if they want to go to hell (that’s if hell exists) good for them. It’s not really my place to tell people how to live their lives, considering the fact that i have my own lives to live.Note the use of the word “lives” yes, you guessed it captain obvious, i have more than one life. I have 18, i am like jackie chan in those karate movies, or chuck norris.I dodge bullets and run on walls.I defy gravity,much like spiderman,swinging from his web,only without the red gay costumes. I don’t wear costumes, this isn’t cosplay, neither is it Halloween.Infact i have never celebrated Halloween. Where i’m from if you went trick or treating you would most likely end up in a ditch somewhere. Girls trick or treat though, quite a lot, even when it’s not Halloween, they get a lot of treats, but they also get pregnant. So all in all i really am not a big fan of the whole concept. Knocking door to door, like a sales person asking for free food sounds cool on paper, but in practice it just doesn’t work. Trust me,i know

One time i went knocking door to door, looking for free stuff and ended up in prison. Apparently i knocked on the wrong door, well actually i knocked for a while, didn’t hear a thing, figured the person who lived there didn’t hear me, so i kind of  broke in. Well atleast that’s what the cops told me. Jeez you should have heard how loud the bitch screamed, crazy bitch, all i was doing was trick or treating.

Anyways hope i entertained you with my not so funny, very lame stories (if i didn’t entertain you then fuck you) see you when i see you, i’m hungry so, i’m going to go knocking on people’s doors so i can trick or treat for bread


About FluxFiles

Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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