Life in prison, no parole

Hie everyone, i see a few people now read this blog, so i suppose i might as start posting regularly,its only fair right. Well i suppose. Well that and the fact that i actually kind of need this blog. This blogging anonymously is my way of coping with the shit life throws at me. Shit that smells like a fucking sewer. Ever wondered what a sewer smells like, yeah its a weird question to ask, the again I’m a weird fella. More weird than a gay Jewish Nazi or a, ah let me not say it. It was going to be offensive, not that i give a fuck though, I’m actually lying i had no idea what to write. I was going to write something stupid. Then again i always write stupid shit, god knows how anyone reads this

I wonder how people interpret this blog and what they think of the person (male, female or biologically designed with both organs) that writes this garbage. I know what I’d think. I won’t say it but i know. Actually do i really know? If i wasn’t me i wouldn’t think the way i do and i would not have been shaped by the same experiences, even if i was i would not have reacted in the same way. So to be more accurate i don’t know what i would think, because i wouldn’t be me. I would be you….or would i? hmm..If i wasn’t me chances are i wouldn’t be reading this fucking blog, seeing as there’s like 6 billion people in the world and all


Anyway before i get carried away, like a baby. By the Way i wouldn’t mind being carried around like a baby, that should be the next best invention after the wheel. They should create like a robotic person to carry our lazy asses around so we never have to walk again and then mother nature would be pissed off at how lazy we are and take away our legs, through evolution obviously. The legless humans of tomorrow would be know as a fucking pipedream because it will never happen. I doubt we are that lazy or stupid. Besides there’s more important things for governments to spend their money on, like more weapons and shit.


Anyway today i wanted to blog about being a prisoner in your own head. You know when you’re become so, (fucks sake i forgot the word) lost (this wasn’t supposed to be the word, but you’ll understand) in your own thought. When you become impervious to your surroundings to the extent that the only reality that exists is what happens in your mind. Let me give you an example. For example you walk somewhere and you see a group of people laughing at whatever random thing they are laughing at and without hearing a word they said, you immediately assume they must be laughing at you. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the fact that you hate yourself so much that you assume that everyone must feel the same about you, or you are so accustomed to being laughed at that you assume that everyone laughing is laughing at you. Either ways you have become a prisoner of your mind and whatever happens in your mind it eventually manifests itself in your external reality (or so they say, i don’t know what they base that shit on seeing as you can’t exactly test such a notion).

Well actually that’s kind of what everyone goes through to some extent i assume (by everyone i mean me, because i am an arrogant prick who thinks he/she/shehe knows every fuckin thing) well me being the person i am, i will address the problem, but will not come up with a solution (great deal of help that is right).


In all honesty i wouldn’t mind being stuck in my head with someone i found attractive, that would be actually pretty cool. I would never have to go through the fucked up feeling of getting rejected. The person would literally be controlled by me (in my head obviously) and according to those fucking psychology/philosophy scientists, those thoughts would manifest themselves to y external reality. Fat chance of that happening.


Anyways catch you on the flip side


About FluxFiles

Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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3 Responses to Life in prison, no parole

  1. abazzonpoint says:

    You are not doing badly here: atimes you need to allow your thoughts to go weird so that your imaginations can run wild.

  2. abazzonpoint says:

    You are not doing badly here: atimes you need to allow your thoughts to go weird so that your imaginations can run wild.
    A beautiful piece this is. This issue is affecting a lot of folks around and they don’t seem to know that they have a problem.

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