Of greatness and pickle jars

“Be not afraid of greatness, some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them” Shakespeare. What does this quote mean to you? Today i decided to write something a little more serious. It’s about ambition and self belief. I’m not an inspirational speaker/writer, infact, the purpose of this post isn’t to inspire. The only true inspiration can only come from within. If you can’t inspire yourself no one can. If you cannot find the greatness within no one else will find it for you. No quotes will reveal it. It all begins and ends with you


Sometimes though we, well i, kind of feel down. I feel as though greatness is something that is predetermined. Something that can only be achieved by a few. That may be true to a large extent, but the problem comes when this disbelief in myself inhibits my ability to do anything. I freeze up, i don’t even try and chase my dreams and that’s what really worries me. Yes, not everyone can achieve the same level of greatness or greatness at all, but it’s pointless counting myself out before i’ve even started playing. They say you can’t win the game without stepping on the field. You might get your hands dirty, you might be tripped up, you might fail to score, heck you might even lose. But the fact that you had the courage to get into the game is a victory on its own. That is the beginning of greatness


But who am i to talk about greatness, i haven’t really achieved much as an individual so i don’t really have the experience to talk about such things. Anyways enough of the serious talk, time to be random. Honestly i can’t think of anything random to post. It’s like my mind is in a pickle jar, a tightly sealed pickle jar, sealed with the golden seal. I hate it when that happens. It’s like you try thinking, but you just can’t escape that pickle jar.

I hate pickles though, I’ve never eaten pickles, or at least i don’t remember eating pickles, but just by looking at them i know i hate them. I discriminate on pickles, yes I’m a close minded bigot. I even call pickles demeaning names like green junk, or sewer sticks. I know i should be ashamed of myself, but I’m not, when i was young i saw pickles in a very one dimensional way, now i stereotype those lazy cunts. They just sit in a jar all day and do nothing and people actually buy that shit. Jesus, what is this world turning to, you’ve got to start believing that the end is near when such despicable behavior is being encouraged


Anyway cheers, have a good day, except if you’re a fucking pickle


About FluxFiles

Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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