MY poems

Oh hello there. Guess who decided to write another blog.. ha? yeah you guessed right me. Well you probably couldn’t have guessed wrong unless you’re a fucking retard or a twat, or both like a retarded twat. That’s like a hybrid, I’m hoping they are hard to find. Nothing i just wrote makes sense right?


Anyway i just wanted to write, i don’t know what I’m writing about, i guess I’m just bored because it’s a Saturday and i have nothing to do. Just sitting facing the screen, typing away my precious time, isn’t that what we do as humanity anyway. We just type away our hours metaphorically on the screen of life. We just live for the routine, we live structured lives and we rarely get out of comfort zones. Or maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m the only one living a routine structured, monotonous life. Maybe i acquire this pseudonym in my blog to escape from my tremendously boring life. I suppose it could be worse.


Sometimes i wish i could just run off, like drop everything, drop all my responsibilities, just be immature and go with the flow, after all they say (they meaning me and the many voices in my crazy head) that as soon as your inner child dies, you stop existing. You know why i say that? I think, the inner child is like your soul, every single dream starts from that fucking brat inside your soul. He/She, whatever sex you are is the dream maker. In fact the inner child has no gender, no race nothing. It is just that. You could even look at it religiously, well you could, i won’t cause i don’t feel like it and you can’t argue with me cause I’m the writer. Arguing with me would be like arguing with nature. Like telling nature to stop making all the god damn grass green or brown. Wonder what nature would say if she could reply. Yeah I’m assuming nature is feminine judging by how moody nature is.


Anyways cheerio


Only fair that i promote my poems


About FluxFiles

Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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