something out of my chest

Well, i gotta get something off my chest, what better way than to write it on the internet for the world to see…lol, the world won’t really see it, doubt anyone will even read this blog, maybe i’ll read it one day. If i don’t die, and if the martians don’t get me. You can’t trust those alien bastards, always conspiring and shit, i don’t know if i’m allowed to swear, but fuck it it’s my god damn blog, which i didn’t pay for. I have earned the right to write whatever shit i feel like writing. Got a problem? yeah didn’t think so

Anyway, short of showcasing my insanity and my unique ability to have a conversation with myself like a deranged psychopath, oh and my ability to be super descriptive, to emphasize a point which actually doesn’t make any fuckin sense. I don’t know how that ability will ever help me with anything, but that’s besides the fucking point.

Alright let’s (as in me and my other mes) get to it. I find myself very unimpressive, uncreative and dull. Yeah you heard that right me, you are fucking useless, nothing you do impresses me. Dude seriously nothing at all. In all seriousness, sometimes i kind of hate myself for not being good enough. Every idea i ever have turns out to never work, i persevere to no avail. In all essence i figure in all my life i have not done a single thing worthy of merit. But i don’t blame the world, i don’t blame the “bad hand” i’ve been dealt, in all honesty it is entirely my fault. The only reason i’m a failure is cause i suck. Anyway enough self hatred and whining for a day. It’s boring and it really doesn’t accomplish anything. See don’t get me wrong, contrarily to what may appear from what i just wrote. I am not a depressed person, i used to be. but now in all accounts i’m pretty okay. Infact i tend to be happy for someone with such a bleak outlook, because i understand the principle of lying the one constant truth. It’s all meaningless. Before i start getting philosophical, which i honestly do not feel like doing, let me change the subject and talk about..hmm let me see dates

I’ve always had this desire to go on a date and do something absolutely random and weird that will freak the fuck out of my date just so i can see the look on my date’s face. Problem is i’m worried i’d either blow my cover by laughing or get so immersed in the randomness that i actually continue acting that way for a couple of days. I’m weird like that. But anyways i figured that would be a cool thing to do because the reason, the primal reason we, well “i”, i don’t know about you, plus no ones reading this shit anyway, is to have fun, so might as well have fun at the expense of my date and hopefully my date’s wallet

P.S pardon the grammar, i know it’s hard to follow what i’m typing cause of it, but this is fucking english class so get over it and besides anyone reading this must be fucking bored. (which is why no one will read this).

Wow, this is actually very fucking different from my last post, see i told you i have multiple voices in my head

Anyway, later

BTW one of these is my poems


About FluxFiles

Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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