I have no name,…

One world

welcome to the universe

I have no name, no name is necessary neither do i have an identity.Call me X or Beta or any name you see fit. It really doesn’t matter

I was thinking of change, of a world without borders, without xenophobia a racism, a world without nationalism and territorial wars. Its possible and its only a matter of time before people wake up to the reality of this failed system. I count the hours till the clock expires and evolution takes its toll on civilization.

Ofcourse people will fight it, people always fight change, but evolution will prevail., change is imminent. The only question is do you want to be an opponent of a new world which benefits you and all future generations to follow. Do you want to be an enemy of the greater good? Do you want to fight against the tide of change? Do you want to resist an age of enlightenment where money is not wasted on meaningless wars and instead spent to curb poverty and learn more about our planet? I certainly don’t.

I fight the good fight, if i had any influence in this world i would further the aims of this good fight, if i was somebody i would speak out, but until that day this is my only forum and this is my voice.

Till the kingdom comes, till the filth is swept, till the waters turn to rain, until the time is right change will be waiting, do not fight it, embrace it, for it is good and it is just. Till the next time good bye


About FluxFiles

Somewhat random, a little strange, unpredictable at times. I'm a lot of things really, kinda like a coin with 3 sides, you won't find one... cause it doesn't exist..yeah that's right, i don't exist. You are imagining this
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2 Responses to I have no name,…

  1. MidoriiJade says:

    An awakening is going on. You know that..

    The World must change. And, it shall.

    ‘Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.’

    Be safe, brother.

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