You get so used to it, negativity; negative opinions, negative people, negative everything. Always quick to point out what you do wrong. It’s emotional abuse. Fingers always being pointed at you, telling you how wrong you are, how wrong you dress and how wrong you walk or even talk. Thing is eventually you develop a thick skin and learn to literally not care. 


I don’t mean the dramatic, attention seeking “oh i don’t care about anything anymore sentiment” That’s just forced and kind of dumb because i bet if someone shot your knee cap you would care. If you do care, then that means you never stopped carrying about “anything” as you so idiotically put it. The thick skin i’m referring to is being emotionally detached. So detached to your emotions that you can practically laugh at kittens being burnt to death. Yeah i know its sick, but i’m trying to emphasis a point.

Some call it cruelty. It’s not cruelty, its thinking rationally, Its removing yourself from thoughts influenced by unnecessary emotions. I don’t mean completely devoid of emotions, because that’s impossible, well, lets just say improbable.

Some see it as a sad state, they see it as you giving up. Again that’s far from the truth. For example personally speaking, love and all that settling down stuff is not something that forms part of plans, not in the short term, not in the long term, possibly not ever. I don’t see that as happiness at all. Maybe my thoughts have been influenced by a lot of negativity. Its possible, but its also possible that is just an excuse. There’s people out there who have been through far worse, infact compared to them all these superficial, barely depressing problems i have had in my life would be like paradise to them. Infact maybe i didn’t have it that bad, metaphorically speaking. 

Maybe i was just born to be emotionally detached. To be honest i’m beginning to worry about this post because i actually think i’ve lost the plot. I barely know what i am writing about anymore. That’s the problem, i have a tendency to write things without actually thinking of what i am going to write about. I just get this line in my head which keeps repeating itself and then decide to write it out, as if i am compiling a chronicle of my thoughts. A chapter into the abyss that is my mind.

Anyway, got to go, actually don’t have to go, just don’t feel like writing more. Cheerss

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Zimbabwe 2013 realizations

A famous man by the nam e of Sun Zu, once said, know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear the outcome of a 100 battles, if you know yourself only, for every victory you will suffer a loss and if you know, you are destined to lose.


In Zimbabwe elections were carried out a few days ago and the outcome was a resounding victory for the much “despised” Mugabe won the election. Which is rather ironic because  if he’s so dispised why would the majority of people vote for him? Anyway, that’s besides the point. The crux of this post is to higlight the deficiencies in the opposition party and how their loss signifies that they were not fit to rule in the first place.

A lot of Zimbabweans once had faith in the opposition party, the whole concept of change after so many years of what was literally a single party ruled country had people jaded of the status quo. To make matters worse the economy was in shambles after the land invasions of 2000 and economic santions which were implemented against Zimbabwe after that (and the withdrawal of a lot of foreign investors). People longed for change, it was such a romantic idea, a fantasized concept of how one election would resurrect Zimbabwe’s dying economy.

 Well in 2008, that change sort of occured. There was a government of national union, the economy was seemingly recovering although rather slowly. We adopted a multi-currency system, the Zim dollar was literally killed off. But during that period between 2008 and now, cracks began to show in the opposition’s capacity to rule the nation and effectively deliver the change they always claimed they could bring about. Corruption charges, i won’t talk about the personal issues which tainted Tsvangirai’s image because i personally believe that has nothing to do with one’s capacity to lead.

Anyway all that is a topic for another day, for now i want to write simply about the election process and the lack of foresight the MDC had. “Know your enemy” If you’re going to make allegations every single election of how elections have been rigged, why would you expect a different outcome this time? What was so different now that it rendered your past experience obsolete? I’m not saying Zanu Pf did rig the election or has ever rigged an election. I do not have the evidence to back or dispute such a claim, therefore i will leave it up to you the reader to decide (however few you are).

I am just here to point out the flaws in the MDC’s character. I know its a political party, but, i am humanizing it, so you can relate to it as you would to another human being. The MDC exhibited a lack of foresight, which is a deficiency which any leader cannot afford to have. The elections in Zimbabwe are like a war, a mental chess game. You only enter into such a game by abiding to the laws and strategies of any war. 1. As Sun Zu said “know your enemy” 2) A skilled fighter knows when to fight, he knows the situation which must be present for him to win and will create such a situation before engaging in a fight 3) Do not rely on playing the victim, assuming the elections where rigged, then what? Will you play the victim and demand help from the International Community?

If a leader has to grovel before a community which barely has any interest in what happens in Zimbabwe, what are his followers supposed to do? If a leader doesn’t know the way forward, who do his followers follow? Do they also hide their tails, shed a few tears and hope for the U.K, U.S.A and Australia to declare the elections unfair. As if that will make any difference? No they cannot do that, they don’t have the time for that.

A true leader doesn’t always know what to do, but either ways he leads, he doesn’t make empty promises of change, he delivers. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate MDC, neither do i hate ZANU PF, both have some good which i agree with. I’m just saying what i’m saying


Until next time.


Signed Mr. Fluxfiles

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la maison des hiboux/ The house of owls

The owl does not speak, the owl sees. The owl has the power of foresight, the third eye, the power to see beyond the surface. The owl is not blinded by ignorance or conceit, because the owl has a deeper understanding of life. The owl understands that knowledge, sight and keeping an open unbias perspective on life are the determinants on whether one is successful or not.


The owl does not pursue what does not require pursuit, the owl does not force itself on matters which do not require its attention. The owl is not narrow minded, for in order to be truly enlightened it is necessary for one to be open to all bridges of thought, however absurd they may be. The owl turns its head towards strange angles as it seeks unique perspective to address a problem.


The owl has its faults, it understands its fault. The owl overthinks things and in so doing fails to act sometimes, the owl instead of pouncing on its prey on instinct will at times delay its attack and over plan its approach. Sometimes it is necessary to not be over analytical and metaphorically dive into the abyss. It is in the unknown risk that we may at times find fortune to be in our favour.

The owl is not emotional, or atleast it tries not to be, instead the owl divorces emotion from its being and chooses to look only through the glasses of reason. In so doing the owl understands the complexities of a matter as they stand, not as they are made out to be. However the owl understands that it lives in an emotional world and it is therefore necessary to have an emotional perspective on certain issues in order to exploit them fully. The owl addresses such problems in several ways most of which will not be mentioned.


The owl is a spirit and that spirit is within us all. Go out there and be like owls. Wear your owl regalia and vote the owl into power, soon we will all be owls, literally and figuratively.Image

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Seeing beyond politics

Many are educated but few are enlightened, few see behind the veil of lies that has been manufactured to blind us from reality. Its like some pseudo- reality, some propaganda ridden information has been literally thrown up on us so many times that we do not see the fact that the truth is often inbetween all the conflicting stories.

I am a ZImbabwean and tomorrow we go into election to elect a president. I’m finding it harder and harder to have any political allegiance because i see the lies from both sides. I am not blinded by emotion, i am just disillusioned.

I find myself more and more sympathetic, okay maybe that’s too strong a word, but rather, i understand Mugabe’s action. I understand his intelligence in being able to keep power for so long. Well maybe its because he is an astute reader of Machiavelli’s work (or so i read) which is a book i enjoy myself (The Prince). I guess that’s when it all began, that’s when i became more interested in him as a person, was he trully the demon the world painted him out to be? Or was he just a man, trying his best in a situation that was already programmed against him?

I’m not saying the man is a saint, far from it, but a lot of his policies actually make sense. He seems to be motivated by the desire to empower Zimbabweans economically, literally handing over the mechanisms of productions to the people (in theory). The way it was done, was unjust, that much i concede, but without being racial (which is where it all went wrong i guess) , it was a very noble idea.

No longer would we simply be mere spectators in the running of our own economy, finally we would have the means to grow our own economy, to control our destinies and to create legacies of wealth for future generations. Unfortunately things haven’t turned out that way, but as the age-old saying goes “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Besides, there is a ray of hope in the sense that farming produce seems to be picking up (i read that we are up to 40% of our optimal tobacco production)

It’s rather ironic because i view myself essentially as an apolitical person, i believe this allows me to view things from an entirely objective unbias perspective. People argue that Mugabe and his “croonies” literally killed Zimbabwe’s economy, with “poor policies” that “chased away” foreign investments. That is not entirely true. What about the effects of ZDERA and the stand by agreement. I am no economic guru, but didn’t this treaty literally bar the Zimbabwean Government from acquiring loans from the I.M.F and other International money lending mechanisms. Meaning the country had little access to money that could have been used to grow the Zimbabwean economy. Even the U.S.A needs such loans. What do you think would happen to a third world country.

I think these Acts were eventually repealed, but anyway, don’t take this as support for any political party, like i said i am apolitical I also see the good in MDC, the possibility of change is a politically romantic and relieving idea. Change is necessary, it is part of progression, but they too have several flaws. Anyway, does i guess all that matters is how we can exploit whichever situation prevails to our advantage, like the title says, i guess it is time to see beyond politics. Till then….later

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Foresight and the past

Given the chance to do it all again, i’d change a lot. Foresight is a perfect science after all, as they say. I don’t know who they are, but apparently they are experts and we should listen to what they have to say. Anyway.

I’d change a lot, i’d get to know and to talk to more open minded people, the few conversations you have with these amazing minds teaches you more than a semester of a lecture, where you’ll probably day dream half the time. The other half well, that’s a topic for another day.

Its incredible what you can learn from someone with an entirely open mind, uninhibited thoughts, that are so broad and enlightening so to speak. But anyway what else would i do.. I’d choose to associate myself solely with ambitious people, in a broad sense, that sort of ambition which has the potential to empower onese;f and ones community economically, that ambition which drives you forward even in the face of a thousand failures. I don’t mean successful people, i mean ambitious people. To me that is a deeper virtue that most other so called virtues they try and instill in us.

I wouldn’t associate with quitters, people who are just ridden with negativity, “oh i can’t do this because so and so couldn’t”. There’s a big difference between being a realist and being negative. A realist realises the drawbacks to his/her ambition, and finds a way to counter act those drawbacks, a driven, positive realist will still pursue his dream after careful planning and considertion and will not easily quit. Negative quitters, just i don’t know, i guess they are programmed to demotivate your ambitions, associating with them just stiffles any sort of ambition or creativity you have.


I’m not saying criticism is wrong, but there is a limit. Criticise, constructively then point to the positives. But that’s just my opinion.


I believe doing all of this would have made me more equiped to conquer the world the world so to speak, those life lessons would have been more valuable than any degree in the world. Degrees don’t teach perserverance and ambition, they barely teach creativity, Not to say degrees are useless because that’s far from the truth.

But anyway, we cannot rewind time, however we can learn from the errors of our ways, we can learn from the many failures we encountered in our endeavours and maybe one day, one fateful day, succeed  and make that one success count

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Life and success

We embrace the future along with all that comes with it. All the ups and the downs,sometimes more downs than ups. That is reality, a reality a lot of us young supposedly educated people tend to ignore. We ignore its unpredictability and the fact that our education may not be as prestige as we view it. The problem is we have lost the true essence and the power of an education. It’s not to say, here you have a degree now go get a job. Its you being given knowledge that could potentially help you conquer the world depending on how you use it. I like this one book, i forget who the author is, entitled the richest man in babylon, one line in particular comes to mind, if you have the mentality of a slave you will become a slave. If you have the mentality of a worker, regardless of whether you are a “respected” professional or not, you will essentially become a slave. Our thoughts manifest in our reality. Success, true economic independence sort of success is a very very hard thing to attain, you can be rich but not truly successful or wealthy. As hard as it is, i believe it begins with a choice, a change in ones mindset. Maybe i put too much value on the materialistic, but what else is there worth some value which you can attain in life? I understand that money isn’t everything, but i also understand its importance and power. The operative word being “power” don’t we all want power,don’t we all want control. But i digress.

Problem is our education system makes us very narrow minded, we only are taught to see things from one perspective. In reality the world isn’t presented in one perspective, its presented in ever changing pictures so to say and you know the saying a picture speaks a thousand words, our narrow minded is not programmed to interpret th picture with an entirely open mind and to understand why the picture’s presentation is so subjective and how we can use that to our advantage. Instead we opt to take it solely from the view we have all been taught to see it from.
A practical example is the halo effect you see a good looking girl/guy and you immediately attach a lot of positive characteristics to that perso. You assume that the outside beauty permiates from the inside. You do not see his/her mental scars, aggressive body language which could be a result of rough experiences he/she has encountered, her/his self esteem issues which manifest themselves in the way he/she dresses or puts too much emphasis on his/her appearance.

You do not see a lot of things, because you’ve only been trained to look at things from a particular perspective. Doesn’t the same ring true with wealth creation, we are so busy vying to chase the biggest law firm, pay check, we do not consider the potential of say for example working in a small firm which would allow you to be more hands on and gain a lot more experience and you have better chances of making partner. We do not consider other career routes, such as banking, investment managing, stock brocking, insurance, the list is endless. Hell forget a career, we don’t see the potential of pursuing entreprenuerial goals, using that knowledge you gained to create employment and wealth not just for yourself but for your community, who will in turn reward you with more money, as they have more free capital to buy your goods/services

But don’t take my word for it, i am no expert, i am not successful yet and may never be (i use this doubt to fuel myself to prove that last statement wrong), i am but a blogger

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More sex less love, more protection less disease and kids

I don’t believe in love, none of it. I just don’t see the practicality of it all. Truth is i would rather have her cake than her heart. Tis not that i care not for her, its just that i care more for the pleasures under her dress. Controversial to the few readers whose eyes will cross this blog as it may be, the truth remains the same. The heart is a faculty of the female body i do not care enough to capture. Maybe by chance some unwitting dame will fall for my “charm”. To bad for her ’cause the only future we would have is by my bedside, or on the coffee table, shower or any other place my playful and perverse mindset takes us.

Yes some may say i will die alone and pay for my “wrongs”. Well shame on you, because we all die alone, besides what wrong is it to be honest. I don’t lie to the poor girls except maybe by chance. After all if you ask for a lie what do you expect me to do. In mitigation i am much better than a lot of my male compatriots, atleast i’m not as dangerous, i’ve never broken a heart, well not that i know of.

Plus we share the blame both me and the girl. They see my introverted exterior and assume me to be something i’m not. They see my calmness and mistaken it for submission. They think i’m nervous and i can be walked over. These negative attributes i’ll address on a later day. Fact is sex trumps love any day for a guy like me.

White knights will cry that women aren’t a commodity, they aren’t to be used and are to be respected. Truth be told i could care less. Women like men are humans and all are equal. I don’t have sex with men, therefore i will not chance their pleasures, but overall i treat both genders like equals. I do not disrespect women,neither do i place them on a pedestal, i am fair in my approach. Which is why i am honest.

I do not need to explain myself, however i enjoy it. I’m trying to add a little rhyme to my blog. A new twist i suppose. The rhyme indicates what life means to me, the melodies, the unplanned spontaneity that constitutes living. Its rather ironic that someone spontaneous does not believe in love. Well i guess maybe too much disappointment has allowed me to be more rational. My approach for life and relationship is shaped purely by reason, however unfortunately that reason is subordinate to lust. Rather fortunate actually because beauty is intriguing. We all want the feeling of being associated with some species of beauty.

But anyway i digress, back to the topic at hand. Sex over love i shout, until the day we are forced to settle down or we die alone. I don’t care what your preference, gender or sexual orientation. I want you to join my movement and repopulate the culture of the Earth with a system that is more practical, sex over love. Infact throw away this notion of love. It gets you nowhere.
 it’s too complex to be understood by humans, too stupid to be practiced by such intelligent creatures. Leave the love to the ducks and let them have single partners forever. Our hearts where meant to soar, not to be tied down in oppression by something as greedy and uncaring as love. Let us unbuckle the chains of oppression, figuratively and literally, let us release our selves into the world and change it.


However don’t get too many babies because that too isn’t very smart, don’t get pregnant early either and pray to stay disease free.


Together we can

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